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1997 Mazda MPV Specs and Review

Based on the Mazda MPV model year 1997 got the total score 4 out of 5 stars.The pros about this vehicle including the 4-door design, 7-passenger wagon, available four-wheel drive. The cons about this car : underpowered, overweight, overprice, SUV wannabe styling.

The Mazda MPV model year 1997 has 4 models, The LX Minivan  (3.0L V6 4-speed automatic with 14/17 mpg), LX Minivan (3.0L V6 4×4 4-speed automatic with 14/17 mpg), ES Minivan (3.0L V6 4-speed automatic with 15/20 mpg), and ES Minivan (3.0L V6 4×4 4-speed automatic with 14/17 mpg).

1997 Mazda MPV Electrical System

1997 Mazda MPV  free System Wiring Diagram for download is here. We provide the following zip file (455 KB). The electrical system and wiring harness of computer data lines, warning system circuits, exterior lamps circuit, power door lock circuit, charging circuit, etc are also available here.

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1997 Mazda MPV Stereo Wiring Color Codes

The car stereo wiring diagram color for 1997 Mazda MPV :

1997 mazda mpv car stereo and wiring diagram free